Meet the Artists

Alyson Kate

Reading aloud is one of my favorite things in the world, and I’d like to share that with you. Instagram: @thevelvetnoose// Instagram: @hertha_amen// SoundCloud


Breyana is a poet and vocalist from Philadelphia. Upon moving to Rochester, she became heavily involved in the music scene and then community outreach and activism. Breyana started an online boutique for unapologetic Black and Brown femmes and people that sends a message that All Black Lives Matter. She continues to use her voice and art to uplift community initiatives toward collective liberation whilst focusing on messages of self love and self-care. Instagram: @breyanalanay// Facebook: Breyana Lanay


Ambar is a Los Angeles native with Chicanx roots. She studies the language of the Universe through academic pursuits in mathematics and physics. She studies the language of Self through yoga. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, yet it can be continuously transformed. Our minds and bodies are an energy source that is naturally malleable in the direction of growth and meditative equilibrium. Yoga helps to harness that intention within ourselves. Ultimately, Ambar believes it necessary to share the gift of yoga with those committed to personal transformation. Instagram: @r.g.breathe


EMDR is an indie-electronic artist that presents musical narratives on trauma, domestic abuse, PTSD, and related topics. The name plays off of a trauma therapy called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. EMDR experiments with loop pedals and other effects, electric guitar, strings and beats to bring sonic landscapes that resemble the cyclical effects of trauma and (re)processing. Content warning, but also the music is meant to be healing and above all enjoyable. Instagram: @emdr_bandofficial// Facebook: EMDR// Bandcamp

Frazee Feet Dance

Choreographer Zachary J. Frazee (they/he) is a mover, creator, educator, and creative entrepreneur based in Rochester, NY. They received their BFA in Dance from SUNY Brockport in 2014 and are now the Founder & Artistic Director of Frazee Feet Dance. Frazee is interested in creating work that is fluid in both aesthetic and gender roles and that celebrates the diversity of human movement and connection. They have created over 40 original works in the past several years that have been presented across the country at venues such as Hubbard Street Dance, Grace Street Theatre, and the Lyric Theatre. Performing and teaching are a large part of their career as well, but Frazee’s main passion is still to create work to share with the Rochester community and beyond. Dancers Elyssia Primus, Erika Ruegemer, and Solange Rodrigues will perform Frazee’s original work “Rinse, Repeat.” Instagram: @frazeefeetdance// Website

Leah Hinton

As a person, an artist and educator it is important to me to relate to others as deeply as I can in many ways and on different levels. To encourage healing and growth, which also lead to peace and joy. Music is a great tool for this as we express ourselves we are also connecting with others. Seeing your growth helps build confidence and watching people grow in confidence brings joy to my heart. In our session, we will use these tools and self reflection to inspire healing. Instagram: @leahhinton_// Twitter: Leahhinton_ // Facebook: Leahhintonband// Website

Kitty Xiao

Kitty Xiao is an Australian composer, electronic musician and pianist. Kitty’s works are fascinated by the physicality of sound, the movement of sound, and interaction with sound as a living object. Central to her aesthetic is a search for unity in contemporary culture, human psyche, art and machine. Her music moves between the world of concert music to performing as an electronic artist of experimental noise and techno. Working closely with analog synthesis has greatly informed her attraction to the visceral qualities of sound, sensation and spontaneity in music. Both practices often explore high polarities and extremities, process and perception, vulnerability and imperfection. Her music involves electro-acoustic and acoustic compositions, and live modular sets which explore the relationship between sound and physical embodiment, the space it occupies, its tactility, and intensity. Her music is represented by the Australian Music Centre and she is the current recipient of the 2020 Belle S. Gitelman Award and the 2019 Howard Hanson Large Ensemble Prize from the Eastman School of Music in Rochester, NY. Instagram: @kittyxiaomusic// Website

Martyna Alexander

Martyna is a visual artist from Detroit, exploring control and lack-there-of through color, composition and combining figurative and abstract visual storytelling. She is a painter, illustrator and graphic designer. Instagram: @martynaalexander

Right Here

Rivkah Simcha and Dev Crasta work together to facilitate expressive arts workshops that span a variety of arts modalities. They have both trained in expressive arts work at the European Graduate School in Saas Fee, Switzerland. Their workshops invite participants to use movement, sound, the visual arts, writing, and other modalities to explore themes such as memory, identity, and transformation. Collectively, they have provided arts-based workshops for students, staff, and volunteers at Bard College, University of Rochester, mental health settings, and a variety of schools in Rochester, New York, and New Orleans, Louisiana. Instagram: @shulamith_in_shadow


Siena is a composer, performer, and teacher. Her voice is unique: sweet, powerful, and honest. She writes about relationship and connection, how we intertwine with each other, and how we are alone. She also writes about her own painful experiences in hopes of providing catharsis for listeners, and for herself. The only way to understand is to go in. “And her songs, as well as her piano playing, seem to reflect an earthiness and passion for the visceral moments of life that define what makes us all human.” -Bennington Banner. Instagram: @siena_musicofficial// Patreon// Website// Bandcamp

Sally Louise

After a decade of performing opera across the US and Europe, Sally Louise has returned to songwriting – the art form that made her want to be a musician from the age of 12. She crafts reflective lyrics and captivating melodies evocative of Joni Mitchell, Weyes Blood, and Maggie Rogers to create an atmosphere that envelops her audience. Since the start of quarantine, she has released three singles, as well as an exclusive folk EP to local acclaim in Rochester City Magazine and Floated Magazine. Her debut album, My Hands Are On Fire, will be out this May. Instagram: @sallylouisesings// Website

Taylor Solano

Taylor Solano is a writer, educator, and journalist from upstate New York. Her articles have been featured in FLOATED Alternative Culture Magazine and The Lamron. Her poetry has appeared in For Women Who Roar and Other Worldly Women Press. In November 2020, Taylor showcased her poetry in the figurative art exhibition “The Body Is a Vessel for the Spirit” at Art Center of Rochester. In June 2020, she was a featured author of the Literary Partners Series at Writers & Books (Rochester, NY). Taylor lives and teaches in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Instagram: @taylorsolanowrites// Website

Thunder Dance (Teagan West)

I am a mover, maker, feeler, and writer. Dance has always been a form of artistic expression, but has more recently become a medicine, one that is best shared with others. The magic that comes through communicating without words, and learning the language of the body, can be extremely healing and expansive – especially when shared with others. Our bodies speak through sensation, and this movement practice is meant to support the reconnection with our body’s unique expression, letting it speak and learning its language. Ecstatic dance is more than just a practice – it is movement as medicine, and strengthens the connective tissues within ourselves and with others, when shared. Join us to reconnect, listen, and surrender to the movement! Instagram: @vaya.wellness// Instagram: @taaagan

Casey Maura

Casey Maura is a Rochester artist who aims to build a strong, connected community through the arts. She aims to remind people that We All Rise by Lifting Others. She will pair her painting to this message in hopes to inspire the community. Instagram: @miss_casey3

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