Friday, March 5


Music Performance by Siena

Siena will perform a set of original songs that deal with themes of abuse/healing, trauma, and finding safety within ourselves, with the purpose of helping listeners feel seen and feel like they have power inside of themselves. Catch her set on YouTube Live!


Music Performance by EMDR

EMDR will perform mostly new content experimenting with atmospheric textures and heavy looping as a way of releasing tension, allowing time to engage with a deep thought, and processing any residual emotions or thoughts around current events. Watch on Instagram Live!


Spoken Word/Workshop with Alyson Kate

Alyson will read several original poems, followed by a workshop-type interlude to share their own process/advice for others interested in spoken word performance. Join them on Zoom! (Meeting ID: 383 364 4179  Passcode: poetry)


Live Painting by Casey Maura

Casey will enthrall us in live-art performance painting, influencing, reacting to, and intertwining with Siena’s live music performed simultaneously. Watch on Instagram Live!

Saturday, March 6


Music Performance by Sally Louise

Sally will perform a mix of original songs and covers in her style of mesmerizing dream-folk. Watch on Instagram Live!


Dance Performance by Frazee Feet Dance

Dancers Elyssia Primus, Erika Ruegemer, and Solange Rodrigues will perform a work titled “Rinse, Repeart” (choreographed by Zachary Frazee). The work is set to an original composition by local musician Ricardo Zohn-Muldoon and aims to help us all process some of what we have experienced in a way that is reflective and healing. Watch on YouTube Live!


Live Painting by Martyna Alexander

Join Martyna for a live-painting session. Allow yourself to enjoy soothing colors and music while being captivated by live art. Watch on Instagram Live!


Electronic Music by Kitty Xiao

Watch Kitty’s recent creations in a live modular performance (electronic set). Catch her set on Twitch!

Sunday, March 7


Thunder Dance (Ecstatic Dance with Teagan West)

Ecstatic dance is more than just a practice – it is movement as medicine, and strengthens the connective tissues within ourselves and with others, when shared. Join us on Zoom to reconnect, listen, and surrender to the movement! (Meeting ID 230 246 5379)


Yoga and Community Circle with Ambar

Ambar will facilitate a (Yogi’s) Sacred Circle. The first half will invite grounding through somatic awareness. Breath work and gentle, accessible-to-all yoga will ease us into the language of our bodies. The second half will be a community circle. We will go around the (Zoom) room and introduce ourselves by name, pronouns, and a concise body awareness check-in (“shoulders feel tight,” “hips feel open and relaxed,” etc.). Ambar will choose and then recite a reading with the intention to inspire community connection. The floor will then be opened up for checking in on what is present in our lives and/or sharing what the reading opened up for us in our individual experience. Pre-register on eventbrite!


Writing Workshop with Taylor Solano

Join Taylor for a light, low-stress writing workshop. The focus will be on giving yourself permission, finding your voice, and healing through writing. All are welcome. *SOLD OUT.* Please follow @taylorsolanowrites for future offerings!


Music Performance by Breyana

Watch Breyana’s knockout vocal performance on Instagram Live!


Reflection and Song with Leah Hinton

Leah will lead a reflective session with a song/performance at the end. For the session, we will do a few writing and reflective exercises to encourage healing. We will start with a few physical stretches and then go into some thought-provoking questions to encourage some discussion. At the end, Leah will sing a song. Join her on YouTube Live!


Expressive Arts Workshop by Right Here (Rivkah Simcha & Dev Crasta)

This workshop will focus on sustaining a connection with the self during the pandemic. This period in history has been laden with different types of losses and limitations for everyone. Through mindful awareness, writing, drawing, and sharing, this workshop aims to hold space for personal exploration of what it means to be a human being in this moment in time. *SOLD OUT.* Please follow @shulamith_in_shadow for future offerings!

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